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Compliance Services 

We ensure your company complies with all the local and regulatory requirements.


It's all about managing and reducing risks when it comes to running a profitable business. Risks can emerge from a variety of places and directions, and they can be tough to deal with, especially if you don't have the necessary in-house knowledge. We believe that concentrating on what you do best is the most effective method to achieve your operational objectives. Our local teams are skilled specialists that can assist you in managing the pressures of meeting all of the local regulatory standards that apply to your business.

We can help you with compliance in all necessary areas from gambling compliance in particular to municipal and financial compliance in general. Our team can give interim help and training if your organization already has in-house specialists in these areas.


This refers to the local laws and regulations that any licensed gaming establishment must follow.


Although the specifics of these standards may vary by jurisdiction, the fundamentals remain the same.


The need to incorporate a local company, have local management in place, and ensure that the company complies with local VAT and tax filing regulations, to name a few examples.

These are compliance aspects that all companies incorporated in that jurisdiction must follow.

Furthermore, we will ensure that all of your company's commercial transactions, agreements, resolutions, and license administration are lawful and comply with all applicable statutory requirements.

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Transaction monitoring, risk profiling, and anti-money laundering safeguards are a must in the modern world of today.  We can help you with statutory financial and non-financial transaction monitoring and management. Because of the rising regulatory focus on money laundering (AML), terrorism financing, and financial intelligence, this area has become a critical component of any gambling organization. Our vast network of banks and payment service providers can also assist your business in establishing a reliable cash flow system.


To ensure compliance with the legislation in various regulated countries, several variables must be considered. Responsible gaming, fraud prevention, fair and genuine trade to players, preventing obsessive gaming and play limits for underage customers, and unbiased and transparent access to games, bonuses, and prizes are among these factors. These vital components of your business must be in good hands to avoid jeopardizing the long-term viability of your company's licenses. Our deep understanding of local legislation will assist your operation in complying with the terms of the gaming license(s) and managing the relationship with the various authorities.

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