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80,000 people have registered on Sweden's self-exclusion list

The number of registrants in Sweden's Spelpaus self-exclusion system has surpassed 80,000.

The number of participants in the program, which prohibits gamblers from engaging in wagering until the self-imposed suspension period has passed, was revealed by Spelinspektionen, the nation's regulatory body for gaming.

Any business seeking a license in Sweden is required to join the Spelpaus system, which gives clients the option to leave the sector if they feel unsafe.

The self-exclusion program was introduced in the nation three years ago and received an update in May. It now has a new, more user-friendly design and the opportunity to prolong a voluntary suspension time.

The Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) began encouraging players to wager with authorized operators earlier this year by launching a national campaign.

The severe gambling laws in Sweden are well-known for encouraging illicit operators to set up shop and provide services to gamers there.

"No, we do not require a licence for board games and cheating in these may not be so dangerous. But when playing for money, it is important that gaming companies follow the rules," according to a statement by the SGA.

"The Swedish Gambling Authority controls and supervises gaming companies with a Swedish licence."

After learning that Ease Gaming lacked the required license, the Gaming Inspectorate forbade it from conducting business.

The Inspectorate discovered that the website presented material in Swedish, allowed users to choose Sweden as their nation when creating accounts, provided customer assistance in Swedish, and targeted Swedish customers.

However, it was functioning as an unlawful offshore firm since it lacked the necessary license to advertise to Swedish consumers.


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