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888 launches responsible gambling product in Italy

888 Holdings has launched its new safer gambling product, The Control Centre, in Italy.

Italy is one of 888’s key regulated markets. The operator’s new product will enable Italian customers to monitor their gambling activity, by presenting them with real-time data on their use of 888 gaming accounts.

The app will also contain several control tools including a ‘take a break’ self-restriction feature and deposit limits, among other self-exclusion tools.

888 first launched The Control Centre in the UK in late 2020 and has since rolled out the product across many different markets.

The company notes a 23% increase in the use of its safer gambling tool (The Control Centre) throughout 2021.

The operator claims customers who use the product are 20% more likely to amend their Personal Deposit Limit (PDL) and 102% more likely to use the ‘take a break’ tool.

The operator's new ESG framework will, according to 888, empower customers to make safe and responsible decisions about their betting and gaming choices, while normalising the use of safer gambling tools.

Andrew Anthony, the Vice President of Customer Safety & Due Diligence at 888, said: “I am delighted to see The Control Centre rolled out in another of our core markets.

"At 888 we recognise the need to use our proprietary technology to protect customers and promote safer play.

“By giving customers transparent information about their gambling activity in real-time, we continue to ensure that safer gambling remains at the heart of the 888 customer experience.”


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