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AstroPay launches VIP programme

AstroPay is looking to reward its “most exclusive clients” with a new service.

The company has established a VIP loyalty programme that will offer certain customers special benefits.

Chiefly, AstroPay’s new scheme will include promotions, dedicated support and unique experiences, among other rewards.

“Through this reward scheme, AstroPay continues to demonstrate that users sit at the heart of its business, and it is looking for new ways to reward them for their loyalty to the brand,” the company stated.

However, while users from “all over the globe” will be eligible for AstroPay’s VIP programme, they must first meet a specific requirement.

Put simply, entry will be determined by users’ transaction volume. Any clients who meet the required threshold will be contacted by account managers to begin receiving the programme’s benefits.

This decision to reward high-volume users comes in spite of concerns raised by regulatory bodies over VIP programmes more broadly.

Singling out specific customers for special treatment has been an issue in several gambling markets, including the UK and Macau. Lobbyist Bill Pascrell III touched on these concerns while speaking at IGA.

Meanwhile, Sara Rita, AstroPay’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented on this new scheme, and said the company intends to hand out “thousands of rewards” in 2022.

“We are thrilled to be launching the new VIP Programme. This is a testament to our focus on meeting end users’ needs, making those who have a close relationship with us and continue to use our services, feel especially valued,” she remarked.

“We are constantly providing our clients with new and creative offers and this year we plan to give out thousands of rewards.”

This comes after AstroPay made two C-suite appointments earlier this month. On 4 August, the company named Fayyaz Ansari its new Chief Financial Officer.

This was followed one week later by the appointment of Sofía Lanza as Chief Banking Officer.


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