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ATLAS-IAC launches ‘no risk sportsbook’ with RPM Gaming backing

ATLAS-IAC has partnered with RPM Gaming to launch its ‘no-risk’ sportsbook product, leveraging the latter’s knowledge of sales, account management and operations.

The Lisbon-based sportsbook and player account management (PAM) software provider, aims to combine RPM’s business specialties with its own technology business to launch AI, in-house CRM tools and automated trading to the market.

Additionally, the firm has stated that it has included a guarantee for any operators which choose to integrate the sportsbook, underwriting the trading risk for running its services to demonstrate confidence in the partnership’s ability to deliver ‘in any market’.

Sergei Efimenko, CEO of ATLAS-IAC, said: “We’re thrilled to have joined forces with the seasoned professionals at RPM Gaming, whose leadership team boasts decades of sports betting experience at the forefront of the industry.

“ATLAS-IAC will use iGB Live! to showcase its entire portfolio of innovative betting products and trading tools, all of which have all been developed in line with our mission statement to advance the industry’s move towards true automation.

“Witnessing the demand of the market, and the way operations are currently run, we strongly believe that the future is in automation of all the operational processes: trading, risk management, anti-fraud and CRM.”

Further development on the product has seen the pairing of player account management (PAM), already integrated with casino games, virtual sports, free-to-play (F2P), payment-processing, affiliate systems and KYC suppliers.

The sportsbook also uses proprietary BI and CRM tools, with the goal of mitigating customer abandonment ‘at a time of tightening and coalescing international regulation’.

Furthermore, ATLAS-IAC has also set itself an objective to assist operators with navigating local regulatory conditions, addressed with a ‘light physical deployment’ in cooperation with RPM, supported by centralised control systems.

RPM Gaming Director, Richard Thorp, said: “We’re thrilled to have teamed up with the genuine geniuses behind ATLAS-IAC, and we look forward to a long and fruitful future together, partnering with a host of new operator and casino collaborations around our leading sportsbook technology.

“ATLAS-IAC and RPM now provide brands with everything needed to run a responsible sports betting and gaming business, complete with full reporting, social responsibility tools, bonusing tools, segmentation, payments and data analytics.

“And with “no-risk” trading available for any would-be partners uncertain about taking the leap, our unique underwriting seal of approval sets us apart from the competition in terms of trading capability and commitment to making all our partnerships work.”

Lastly, ATLAS-IAC states that smaller operators will benefit from its new solution with RPM, allowing such firms to focus on marketing and cutting down on the ‘manual labour required to run most legacy systems’.

The sportsbook includes ‘flexible and modular’ solutions to support firms’ operational strategies, and can be integrated asn an iFrame on a no-risk structure with ATLAS’s pricing models for in-play odds covering all sports.

“You don’t need rows of staff to run a strong and successful business,” Efimenko added. “Instead you need flexible, fully scalable software with maximum automation that will enable our elite, skilled team to set up and control all your processes.

“We believe the greatest risk to any betting business is to stay with a non-performing technology, and most operators will soon come to see this clearly.”


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