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Camelot to Take UKGC to Court

UK National Lottery operator Camelot will take the Gambling Commission (UKGC) to court over its decision to award the fourth National Lottery licence to rival operator Allwyn Entertainment.

According to a report from The Sunday Telegraph, the company will this week commence legal proceedings against the Commission, including a judicial review and a High Court bid.

Camelot’s legal challenge hinges on an alleged change to the regulator’s scoring system used to compare each company’s proposal.

The operator purportedly came out on top when applying a 15% “risk factor” discount, which was supposed to be applied to all bidders’ financial projections.

However, Camelot is expected to claim that this was later discounted by the Gambling Commission. This change ultimately led the company to lose the licence competition to Allwyn, whose projected contributions to good causes were significantly higher.

“A risk factor discount of up to 15 per cent was due to be applied to financial projections by the bidders. Camelot is expected to claim that a discount was initially applied by the regulator, but later changed to zero in the final adjudication,” said the newspaper.


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