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Can an Online Blackjack Strategy Boost your Winning Chances?

Most players, if not all, play games in casinos to have fun and win real money. One of the most played games is online blackjack, where the player’s goal is to get a higher total than the dealer without going over 21.

So, how can a player increase their chances of winning? Using a blackjack strategy helps them to turn the odds in their favor. Here is a detailed guide from to help players understand the blackjack strategy and how it can help them to win more often.

Basic Blackjack Rules and Strategy

Once the game starts, the dealer gives the player two initial cards. Then, the dealer opens one of their cards, and the player has to make their first choice. The player can hit, stand, double, split, or surrender. At this point, they can use the blackjack strategy to increase their chances of winning.

A player can opt to split if they get two cards ranking the same. The splitting allows them to divide the cards into separate hands. On the other hand, they can pick another card to enhance their hand or choose to stand if they like the cards they have.

Besides, one can surrender during the online casino game if their chances of winning are minimal. It will enable them to keep half of their bet instead of losing the whole stake amount. Finally, they can choose to double their bet if the chances of winning with the next card seem promising.

Online Blackjack Tips

Since blackjack is very popular, and gambling sites like Bet365 Casino offer many variants of the game, players must understand the tips to apply with the basic strategy. First, they should play with what they can afford. Like other casino games, a player should have sound bankroll management when playing blackjack. They should only use the money they had intended to use in gambling, whether they lose or win because the primary purpose of playing is to have fun and not make money.

They can also get an online blackjack playing sheet. This sheet is available on the internet, and they only need to download it. It helps them understand the action to take for their starting hand as it explains more about the dealer’s card.

Gamblers should never bet with an insurance bet. They don’t know that it drains their money instead of increasing their chances of winning. If the dealer’s card turns out to be an ace during the game, the casino offers an insurance wager to the player. This confuses the player because they fear that the next card may reveal a blackjack. However, losing money chances are higher because the insured bet pays out 2-1, but the odds of winning are trickier.

Another tip for playing online blackjack is not to split tens. If a player has two 10s, they shouldn’t separate them despite the dealer’s card showing. Generally, the tens add up to 20, the maximum for a winning hand. Therefore, they should not doubt their bet. They may end up winning with the two tens but splitting them can lose both bets.

Before playing blackjack in an online casino, one should also check on the house edge before playing blackjack. The house edge is the percentage that the casino takes home from the player’s bet. Therefore, choosing a game with the lowest house edge would be good to increase the chances of winning a reasonable amount.

Finally, practice makes perfect. Therefore, wagers should find ways to practice playing blackjack before they commit to playing with a dealer. There are numerous free games online to help them sharpen their skills.

How to Find a Favorable Blackjack Strategy

The gambling industry offers different blackjack online casino games. Therefore, gamblers need to try them out to find which one suits them. One should use the basic blackjack strategy to decide and apply the above tips as they play.

However, they should also use casino bonuses to increase their chances of winning. Therefore, finding casinos with reasonable bonuses and playing with the right strategy makes blackjack games more interesting.

Besides, different casinos offer various online blackjack odds. Usually, the game pays off at 3 to 2 odds, while it only pays off at 6 to 5 odds in other casinos. If a player chooses the 3 to 2 odds and bets with $200, they will win $300, but if they go for 6 to 5 odds, they will get $240. Therefore, some casinos may take advantage of the illiterate since 6 to 5 seems bigger than 3 to 2.


Playing online blackjack is exciting as gamblers can win real money. And with the basic strategy at their tips, they can increase their chances of winning. Th approach helps them choose odds that turn in their favor against the dealer’s card. Besides, applying tips such as bankroll management, not using insurance bets, and practicing makes the game more fulfilling. However, choosing the games with favorable odds and great bonuses is also essential.


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