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Chinese Embassy in Thailand Flags Cross-Border Gambling

The Chinese Embassy in Thailand disclosed that some Chinese nationals approached it for help to protect them from a gambling racket in Thailand. According to the embassy, the Chinese citizens had complained about losses to their personal safety and property.

The embassy states from the outset: “Chinese law clearly stipulates that participation in gambling, including cross-border gambling, is suspected to be illegal and criminal, and those in serious cases will be held legally responsible.”

Thailand is preparing to legalize casinos and gambling; but the new development could give strength to the the industry experts who had expressed doubts about the ability to create a regulatory framework that is attractive enough to large international IR operators.

On the other hand, China has strict laws prohibiting gambling. An amendment to Article 303 of China’s Penal Code came into effect on 1 March 1 last year which mandates that Chinese residents cannot conduct betting activities in offshore areas or risk being sentenced to three years in prison.


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