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Could Online Casino Games Demonstrate Video Gaming’s Mobile Trajectory?

With the release of the new Xbox and PlayStation systems towards the end of last year, we’ve officially reached the ninth generation of video game consoles. With better graphics and more powerful processors than ever before, these new systems are the most advanced the world has ever seen, but they only demonstrate a piece of the modern gaming puzzle.

Alongside these consoles, the mobile but less powerful Nintendo Switch is still performing extremely well, and the mobile phone gaming market is bigger than ever. Taking a look at mobile online casino games in this greater context, we want to examine where the momentum of modern gaming is going, and why it seems to be usurping the popularity of more traditional systems.

What Does a Modern Online Casino Look Like?

Though fully accessible over desktop systems, modern online casinos rely on advanced HTML programming to create an experience just as viable on mobiles. This means a variety of games can be accessed on practically any smartphone due to the low requirements, with an example of this being the range of PlayFrank’s online casino games as sites attempt to be as accessible and convenient as possible. With no downsides to visuals or controls on mobile devices, such websites encapsulate the full potential that online casinos offer, with no drawbacks. This is what systems like the Nintendo Switch have been attempting, and it’s a move that has been widely supported by the game-playing public.

The Success of Modern Systems

The recent domination of mobiles in all forms of digital systems wasn’t an overnight process, rather it reflected the growing reliance we’ve had on these devices and their increasing power. Extending far beyond gaming, this could be seen in how browsing has changed over the last few decades. At the turn of the new millennium, practically all online browsing was done on desktops, whereas today up to 70% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, as noted by Techjury.

In video gaming, mobile systems have always played an important part in the market. Historically, this is best illustrated by the Nintendo DS line of products, which are officially ranked as the second best selling systems of all time with 154 million devices sold, according to IGN. With the Switch currently in 9th place with nearly 85 million units sold, our fascination with mobile experiences appears to be a constant point of interest in the gaming environment.

A Matter of Time?

The one major problem that many ‘hardcore’ gamers have stated they have had with handheld consoles is the lack of power. In simple terms, the lower processing speeds often made them feel second-class, but that’s no longer necessarily true. The Switch, while not measuring up to the PS5 or Xbox Series, is still an incredibly powerful system capable of hosting many AAA games. The same can be said for the upcoming Steam Deck and, more importantly, the power of modern mobile phones. In this way, the limitations of older handhelds are being shattered, and the former barriers to entry are rapidly being removed.

With online casino games, handheld gaming essentially acts as an endpoint or a target to which the video game industry aspires. Mobile versions of online casinos are at least as good as their less mobile counterparts and combined with mobile ubiquity, this means an enormous market left to target. The only real question left is how well each console developer embraces the mobile market going forward, and whether or not Nintendo will remain the only viable name in the competition.

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