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CreedRoomz: taking live casino to new heights

CreedRoomz, the live casino arm of SoftConstruct, has long been linked to its sister brand BetConstruct. But 2022 is the year that has all changed as the company enters a new chapter in its history.

Following a rebrand in 2021 and a separation from BetConstruct, CreedRoomz believes that the company can scale to new heights and become “a true live casino partner”.

CasinoBeats: For those that might not know, can you tell us about your CreedRoomz brand?

CreedRoomz – Live Casino, has a decade of experience with innovative achievements in the Live Casino space. Our live casino has never stopped developing, conquering new heights, and overcoming the challenges of this ever-changing era of innovation. We are driven constantly to provide our partners with the best quality experience, using the highest quality technical solutions, a stylish interface, and user-friendly service.

We have created and developed a transparent, inclusive, and open work environment, where the needs of our partners come first and where no request is too outlandish.

As part of our ongoing growth and improvement as a full-service Live Casino Supplier, we began a new chapter for the company in 2021 with the rebrand to CreedRoomz – Live Casino. A place where we want to stand out and celebrate our drive to constantly deliver world-class products to the live casino space!

CasinoBeats: How will this help extend BetConstruct’s offering to new audiences?

As one of SoftConstruct’s brands, CreedRoomz will always be linked to BetConstruct. The rebranding and separation from BetConstruct give us the opportunity to build processes and a mentality based around only Live Casino, using resources dedicated just to CreedRoomz and its constant improvements.

This will not only improve the portfolio of Creedroomz Live casino. It will also improve the entire BetConstruct offering as a turnkey Platform provider. We are a player experience-led company and as we continue to improve the experience for our partners’ Live Casino players, we can help feed that success into the overall BetConstruct offering – especially when we want to engage with new audiences, whether it be new jurisdictions, or experienced players being introduced to CreedRoomz Live casino for the first time.

CasinoBeats: In your opinion, what is it that makes CreedRoomz stand out from the crowd?

CreedRoomz offers live casino solutions that enable our customers to involve players and grow their business based on a wide selection of our core products and services that are evolving day by day. Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of each of our partners’ specific needs.

We develop and innovate based on the feedback of our partners, whether it be to better localise products for a specific partner’s site, or develop new games from the ground up – we are driven to be the go-to supplier for a truly bespoke service where we know that needs are different from partner to partner, so what we offer should be as well.

CreedRoomz Live Casino is a true live casino partner. We have a wealth of talent and experience and we want to share that with you to truly take your live casino to the next level. We understand the importance of understanding our partners’ needs and will continue to develop and improve our products with that in mind.

CasinoBeats: Tell us a little bit about the new games that you offer. How will these games help drive better engagement?

CreedRoomz is always making its games more entertaining and looking for ways to improve player engagement. That’s why it has boosted its Roulette portfolio by adding the Game Show style games Express Roulette and Richie Roulette. They give operators specific games that are designed for specific player types, creating proven successful player acquisition channels into Live Casino, driving more revenue.

Richie Roulette

Our new game show is Richie Roulette – Richly multiplayer!​

In this “Gatsby” style game, Straight Up win can be multiplied up to 1700 times! 49 Bricks, 10 STARs, and near-infinite chances to increase your winnings in our new multiplayer game.

Express Roulette

With its impressive features, Express Roulette has instantly become a beloved game in our portfolio. This version of Roulette has two modes: Express Roulette and Double Chance mode. In Express Mode the odds are more than doubled compared to Classic Roulette. In Double chance mode winning chances double.

Lucky 3+1

A game for Lucky ones

Adding innovation and excitement to the lottery industry, CreedRoomz presents a New Keno-Type Lottery Game – Lucky 3+1, offering a 24-hour uninterrupted live broadcasting lottery. Interactive elements and advanced technology allow players to win multiple wins through the numbers selected by 4 machines and their sequence.

The game consists of 3 mini machines (10 numbers in each one) + 1 large machine (49 numbers). If players correctly guess the numbers coming out of the machines, and their sequence, they will have various winnings. The highest odds for this game are more than 900x!

CasinoBeats: What are your plans for CreedRoomz? Can we expect this brand to enter multiple global markets?

We are currently developing our ROBA Robot Croupier. This innovative tool optimises the operation of a live casino studio by removing human errors from the situation, gives 100% accuracy in dealing, helps operators reduce expenses, staff costs for a dedicated environment and provides an automated 24/7 gaming experience.

The innovative gaming solution challenges the idea of a live Casino and brings a new twist with automated gameplay. Our sophisticated robot shuffles scans and deals cards like a real croupier! Another step is the addition of a POV camera to Roba. This will take video streaming of Live Casino games to another level, which again will be a new and engaging point of interaction with our players.

Apart from Roba, which has already aroused great interest from many operators in many jurisdictions, we are confident that the solutions we offer, innovations that we will bring to the field, and new human-based Live Casino games will help us to continue on our plan to become a must-have Live Casino Supplier. We look forward to showing everyone in the industry at iGB Լive, as well as in many other exhibitions around the world.


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