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Danish Gambling Authority updates AML and machine labelling guidelines

The Danish Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has updated its list of indicators for money laundering and financing of terrorism.

The list includes various indicators which in itself or in a combination can indicate money laundering or financing of terrorism, and its purpose is to offer help to enterprises or persons subject to a reporting duty under the Anti-Money Laundering Act; to better identify such issues (and also prevent them).

In addition to being updated, the indicators are now divided into specific groups of enterprises or persons subject to the reporting duty, including the gambling industry, as well as indicators relevant for everyone subjected to the reporting duty. According to the regulations, the enterprises or persons subject must send a report if they cannot dismiss suspicion of money laundering or terrorism financing.

This update comes several days after a warning issued by the Danish Gambling Authority, which called to attention that the prize in one game cannot exceed DKK 600 ($95). This rule appears in the Executive Order on gaming machines in gambling arcades and restaurants.

According to the Gambling Authority, advertising of winnings exceeding DKK 600 on a single game is a breach of section 36 (1)(1) of the Danish Gambling Act. If prizes exceeding the said amount are advertised, the marketing material must clearly specify that the chance of winning such a prize is only possible by playing multiple games.

The full list of indicators is available on the Danish Prosecution Service’s website and it “is meant for inspiration and is therefore not exhaustive.”

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