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Danish GGR up 16% year-on-year for January and February

Denmark generated DKK 1.05bn ($157m) in gross gaming revenue (GGR) for the first two months of 2022, up 16% from the same period in 2021.

Unlike their prior-year counterparts, January and February 2022 saw gaming machines and land-based casinos return to revenue generation, driving modest year-on-year growth despite slight declines in GGR from the country’s iGaming and betting sectors.

For the two-month period, betting accounted for DKK 412m, down 3.7% from January and February 2021, while online casinos recorded a more modest 0.2% revenue decline, going from DKK 476m to DKK 475m.

These declines were almost entirely attributable to February’s performance. For the same month in 2021, betting was responsible for DKK 221m, while online casinos generated DKK 218m.

However, for February 2022, these figures had fallen by 17% and 2% respectively, to DKK 184m and DKK 214m.

This decline also came despite both segments recording modest increases for January. The first month of the year saw betting produce DKK 228m, up more than 10% from January 2021, while online casinos recorded DKK 261m, an approximately DKK 3m rise year-on-year.

Nevertheless, these minor decreases were offset by a major rise in gaming machine GGR, which jumped nearly 400% from DKK 22m to DKK 109m between January and February, bringing the segment’s two-month total to DKK 131m.

Compared to the nothing recorded for the prior-year period, this represented an over 40,000% rise. Likewise, land-based casinos, while not generating any revenue for January 2022 due to Covid-19-related closures, reopened in February, producing DKK 31m.

These latter two segments were both adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, with Denmark’s gaming halls and brick-and-mortar casinos remaining closed for much of last year.


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