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Dotan Lazar, LSports: AI is helping us offer a new experience for the World Cup

LSports’ biggest tech investments this year were all aimed towards the world’s premier football tournament. And now, the combination of AI-based betting tips generator World Cup widget, and 24/7 real time human support, has created a unique bulletproof football package for the industry, writes LSports CEO Dotan Lazar.

I can tell our partners now, with 100% confidence that we’re ready for the kickoff with a super engaged World Cup experience. We are the sports data provider with the widest coverage in the industry and with the lowest latency possible.

Powered by a unique proprietary API technology, state-of-the-art sportsbook trading management, innovative stimulation tools, and accurate sports data feeds, LSports is the one-stop shop for sportsbooks.

But whilst we’re confident in our position as a market leader, this isn’t to say that we haven’t come up against a number of challenges since our inception in 2012.

The first, and probably the most obvious challenge, is coverage. To be a relevant supplier you must answer all of your clients’ needs and not risk missing unique fixtures that might be game changers. But with bettors demanding more and more coverage of an even wider range of sports, this in itself presents a whole host of challenges.

The second is the latency and quality of data. Having a vast coverage is important, but not as important as having it delivered accurately and quickly. Because at the end of the day, if your data is lagging then why would people visit your site?

The third, and I think the newest and most valued addition to today’s challenges, is innovation. Customers are looking for new ways to engage their users, ways to drive up revenues faster and smarter, and here comes the technology.

To overcome this, we offer our BetBooster product – an AI sports betting tips generator that offers tips both live and pre-match for many different sports, soccer included.

So why do I mention BetBooster? Well, offering the very best 2022 World Cup player props was one of our main goals this year. We did it by adding 13 new markets with settlement support. Our total coverage includes over 260 markets and over 300 extra markets with more to come.

During the tournament, BetBooster will offer daily betting tips on each game, for every market, and help operators increase punters’ satisfaction along with a boost to performance and turnover rates.

And at no additional cost, LSports also offers all our current and future partners a new and improved “CupCenter widget”, a data-rich tournament platform that will increase engagement rates and betting profits.

This smart tool will provide our partners with in-depth statistics and sports data, live coverage of each match, ability to integrate betting odds, standings and schedules of the games and wide customization options.

We believe that the success of the tournament depends on our partners’ ability to bring in new customers and keep their existing ones interested and engaged throughout the tournament thanks to the tools we’ve created for them.

As a sports data company, we collect and store huge amounts of information, daily. We hold information that goes back years, and we just keep on adding to it. Our AI algorithm is unmatched as it reaches up to 99.9% tips accuracy – nothing is missed.

We keep on adding more and more options so that the punters can enjoy larger varieties. In the coming months we will be launching some new and exciting player props betting tips soon enough.

We’re working on being as thorough as possible yet still aim to supply the most popular betting markets tips first. So keep your eyes peeled!


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