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Dutch regulator scolds 37 operators without valid “presence” permits

The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has taken action against 37 businesses that operated gaming machines without a valid permit.

These operators came to light, the KSA explained, following an investigation into 290 “catering locations,” which uncovered the existence of gaming machines for which “presence” permits had not been issued.

These licences, also referred to as “attendance permits,” are issued by the Netherlands’ municipal authorities and allow food and drink businesses to operate gaming machines.

However, they may only be issued to businesses “that are mainly visited by adults,” hence “an open and naked gambling machine in a snack bar, for example, is not allowed.”

The regulator added: “An attendance permit is also important to prevent gaming machines from being used for criminal activities. That is why a municipality can conduct a reliability investigation before issuing an attendance permit, or while it is in progress.”

Of the 37 operators identified in the KSA’s investigation, all have since been notified and with the exception of one, have ceased the violations.

The sole outlier “had to be prepared to impose an order subject to a penalty,” stated the KSA, and may lose its operating licence.

Furthermore, the regulator reiterated the separation of responsibility between it and municipal authorities.

“The KSA and the municipalities have a joint responsibility in the supervision of gaming machines: the KSA supervises the operators, the municipalities supervise compliance with the regulations in the presence permit,” it stated.

“The KSA calls on municipalities to actively check for the presence of a permit in the case of gaming machines.”

Source: https://www.gamblinginsider.com/

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