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EBet signs sportsbook and casino wagering agreement with Metagames

EBet has agreed to a sportsbook and casino wagering partnership with Metagames Marketing.

The partnership will give EBet access to Spanish-speaking digital content and TV networks worldwide.

Per the agreement, Metagames will provide media placements via its affiliates in exchange for a share of EBet's net gaming revenue.

Metagames will specifically give EBet access to a Latin American audience of 138 million people. Metagames will supply EBet with 45 national TV networks, 68 radio stations, 65 cinemas and other online channels.

The countries that EBet will have access to include: Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

EBet’s brand will feature across traditional TV and radio spots, as well as on daytime programming and reality TV shows.

The esports affiliate will be featured in leading TV shows such as Combate, SabadÍsimo and Magaly TV.

Furthermore, full online video and banner campaigns will be run on each show’s social channels, as well as the social channels of the networks on which the shows are run.

Metagames Principal Teodoro Perez said: "We are excited about working with EBet and exposing their brands to this massive Latin American audience.

"The creative opportunities for integrating EBet's brands in the top TV shows and national networks could be a catalyst in driving high volumes of traffic."

EBet CEO Aaron Speach added: "This is an incredible opportunity for EBet and its leading brands to gain exposure to an audience of millions of Latin Americans. I am very excited for the opportunity to expand EBet's access to more countries and networks through our work with Metagames."


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