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Entain identifies ‘clear link’ between betting and video gaming

Following a new study, Entain has asserted that there is a strong correlation between betting and video gaming, whilst also anticipating greater future demand for esports products.

In particular, the survey of 16,000 people found that video gamers were 4.3 times more likely to participate in betting and 4.5 times more likely to participate in igaming, with the FTSE100 group asserting that there is a ‘clear link between betting and gaming’.

Additionally, 10% of adults under the age of 24 replied that they watched esports via platforms such as Twitch on a weekly basis, followed by 9% of 25-34 year-olds and 6% of 35-44 year-olds.

Demand for esports as an entertainment product – and therefore a betting offering – is also anticipated to rise, as 37% of UK adults said they expect to watch esports in the future, more thana twice the current 15% who do so, according to a separate survey of 20,000 adults across 16 markets.

“Enthusiasm for gaming, mobile, and more social forms of interactive entertainment is far from confined to younger generations,” said Dom Grounsell, Deputy Director of Digital at Entain.

“People of all ages – particularly middle-aged dads – enjoy gaming and seem to love experimenting with new and exciting content.”

“We’re developing new interactive entertainment experiences, with more gaming and social features, because it’s increasingly clear this is what people want.”

Research also found that the popularity of esports and video games extends beyond the stereotype of younger generations, with ‘digital dads’ retaining enthusiasm for the gaming consoles of their youth.

In fact, men with children were found to be more than twice as likely to spend time gaming and watching esports than those without, with 59% of British dads aged between 25-44 years-old playing computer or video games each week, twice the level of women in the same age group, which stood at 29%.

Overall, the younger demographic continues to dominate, as adults under 24 are the biggest video gamers at 53% per week, although 25-34 year olds and 25-44 year olds are closely following their younger counterparts at 46% and 36% respectively.

Lastly, Entain also predicts an increase in the use of virtual reality, as 60% of the company’s digital consumers and 57% of adults under the age of 35 stated that they were ‘very interested’ in the technology.

Entain’s own activities in the sector were expanded last year, as the firm completed its acquisition of esports betting and skill-based wagering provider Unikrn, incorporating its new holdings brand, products, platform and technology, as well as its 50-strong team, into its own operating capacity.

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