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Following cease-and-desist orders, two operators withdraw from the Dutch market

After receiving cease-and-desist orders from Dutch regulator Kansspelautoriteit, LCS Limited and MKC Limited have ceased operations in the Netherlands (KSA).

The cease-and-desist order was issued to LCS Limited in early September. This followed an investigation that lasted from March to July.

The inquiry discovered that gamers were permitted to play on the website despite the fact that LCS did not have a licence to operate in the Netherlands.

The inquiry of MKC lasted from May through August. It discovered that the operator was offering games in the Netherlands via the website and receiving bets from Dutch players.

Because LCS and MKC comply with the cease-and-desist orders, they are not required to pay the original penalty. This would have been €55,000 (£47,883/$55,445) per week for LCS, with a weekly cap of €165,000, and €28,000 per week for MKC, with a weekly cap of €84,000.

The KSA stated that it will continue to monitor both operators to ensure that such incidents would not occur again.

Operating without a licence in the Netherlands breaches article one, section A of the country's Gambling Act.

René Jansen, chair of the KSA, commented on the year since the Dutch igaming market debuted earlier this week.


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