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German lawmaker calls on nations to enact a 9pm watershed on gambling advertisements

Burkhard Blienert, the German Commissioner for Addiction and Drug Issues, has sent a strong message to all governments, advocating for a 9pm watershed on gambling advertisements.

Blienert, a member of Germany's ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD), cautioned that an increase in betting businesses' advertising may also result in an increase in problem gambling.

He urged governments to act right away and proposed that nations impose a 9pm watershed on gambling advertisements, whether they appear on television or the internet.

"Advertising for online gambling and sports betting is spreading at a breakneck speed. This trend is concerning because hundreds of thousands of people already have problem gambling or are even addicted," according to Blienert.

"I urge countries to stop advertising such offers. In plain language: no more sports betting advertising before 9pm, neither on TV nor the internet!"

His call to action coincided with a statement released in advance of Gambling Addiction Day on September 28 by Germany's Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA).

In contrast to Blienert, who called for regulatory reform, the BZgA published a more extensive warning that aimed to increase awareness of gambling addiction and potential triggers.

The BZgA's acting director, Dr. Martin Dietrich, stated: "There is a particularly high risk of addiction from gambling offers on the internet: they are available at all times and lure with high winnings."

"The supposed prospect of quick profits makes online sports betting particularly popular. That is why it is so important to raise awareness of the risks of gambling and to take countermeasures in good time."

This occurs while Germany is implementing a new gaming law known as the Interstate Treaty on Gambling, which among other things, imposes additional regulations on advertising.


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