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Group 22 Agency Enters the European Gaming Market With Expert Reviews

Since its foundation in 2012, Group 22 Agency boasts of many high-tech projects. At the moment, the company is one of the most influential and innovative game review sites in the sphere, just like the AfricaCasinos platform targeted toward gamblers from SA. Although the company is quite young compared to websites with a similar concept, the platform has proven its worth. The team of Group 22 includes high-tech enthusiasts, with a passion for gambling and who follow it closely.

Group 22 – About the Agency

Today, the agency gathers more than 200 thousand members and boasts of over 200 thousand game reviews. Their website is rated A in Google rankings and is among the TOP 100 sites in Europe. Agency is one of the first places to read about upcoming game releases in the market. Group 22 Agency is committed to providing its users with the best, most detailed information about new gambling games and about the development of the industry as a whole. The company does just everything so that you enjoy reading their reviews, news about the latest games, and key industry developments.

What Is Special About Reviews from Group 2022?

Group 22 has a large network of publishers and game developers in its team that share information about the latest trends and the development of the gaming niche. All the people who work in the gaming industry have a passion for new technology and gadgets. And instead of sharing just marketing claims with the audience, Group 22 exports run a test drive of all of them.

Detailed Reviews

In other words, all the games in their database have been personally reviewed and tested. This guarantees you the best service and a safe experience with the agency website. On top of that, the site of Group 22 has a database of information on a large number of video games that allow us to provide the most complete coverage of the market.

Agency is known as one of the best websites for game reviews. Thousands of gamers from all over the world use their reviews and ratings. The company is committed to the idea of reviewing new video games, and the availability of a large number of video games for review on the agency has a lot to do with this. The company regularly updates its database of reviews and constantly finds the latest games. The content is reviewed by gamers, programmers, and game developers, which adds extra credibility to game reviews. It is just like casino reviews created by true gambling enthusiasts who know all the ins and outs of online gambling and the casino world.

Excellent User Experience

When you register to the agency, you automatically receive information about the latest video games written in a clear and understandable way. All users have a chance to obtain a premium status. In this case, they will have access to premium reviews of the most popular games and be the first to learn about the most recent releases.

Up-to-Date & Unbiased News

The latest data shows that Google processes over 99,000 searches every single second. This is especially relevant for news. And Group 22 Agency is ready to address the needs of its audience. Apart from an endless library of game reviews, Group 22 also offers a wide range of news. In this category, you will find information about the development of the gaming industry, video game price lists, the latest gadgets, and product updates.

Customer-Oriented Content

Nevertheless, it is game reviews that are still their top priority. The company regularly receives requests for video game reviews. You will hardly miss a single popular game in their review section as the Group 22 team is working hard to add new games and update info on existing games if there is any change in the gaming product. Since the company targets people from different countries and continents they review video games in different languages. So if you decide to add any of the games to your collection, you can easily find reviews in your native language.

Easy Navigation

Group 22 Agency reviews games of different genres and features the following categories on their site: strategy, action, racing, shooter, puzzle, role-playing, etc. Each of the game genres comes with its own unique features. When reviewing games, the company first finds its strengths and weaknesses. And you can count on the data featured in the game reviews from Group 22 Agency as they are written by highly trained and enthusiastic specialists. These people are not afraid to share any information about new games in their database.

Agency reviews video games from all the major gaming platforms: Playstation, Nintendo, PC, XBOX, and Nintendo Switch. They have the latest video games in their database – from old and famous games to the latest releases.

Final Say!

Group 22 Agency promises to deliver up-to-date and unbiased information as a part of its reviews. The company regularly follows the news from the gaming industry and talks to developers about upcoming releases. The best thing about Group 22 Agency is that they are constantly monitoring the market and make sure that reviews and news are regularly updated with the latest information. So you will hardly miss out on a single game release as it will be definitely featured on the website of Group 22 Agency.


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