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How to get a license in Anjouan in 2023: licensing conditions and application process

Updated: Apr 10

In 2023, the Anjouan license has emerged as a prominent subject of conversation within the iGaming community. Given the significant changes brought about by the reforms in the Curaçao gambling licensing system, Anjouan appears to present a timely and relevant alternative.

How to get a license in Anjouan in 2023: licensing conditions and application process

What happened with the Curaçao license?

The Curaçao license underwent significant changes in 2023. Historically known for its streamlined iGaming license application process, Curaçao faced financial challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a commitment to amend its gambling sector in exchange for Netherlands' financial aid.

In response, Curaçao introduced reforms, including the establishment of the Curaçao Gaming Authority as a new regulator and a comprehensive overhaul of the licensing system. Unlike the previous practice of master licensees granting sub-licenses and determining conditions, the government now controls the entire process. This shift aims to ensure industry standards, transparency, compliance, and a secure environment.

Despite the transition date being postponed, allowing licensed operators to operate under previous conditions and prepare for the changes, concerns have risen in the global gambling community. The Curaçao license, once known for its accessibility, is expected to become a more challenging process for applicants with the introduced reforms.

This upheaval has prompted operators to conduct thorough research, leading them to focus on Anjouan as a noteworthy alternative—a topic we'll explore further in today's discussion.

Anjouan Island

Anjouan, also known as Ndzuwani, is an island within the Comoros archipelago situated in the Indian Ocean, formed from the remnants of a large shield volcano. The majority of the population practices Islam, the official religion of the region, and the official languages are Comorian, Arabic, and French, with Comoros gaining independence from France in 1975. The capital city of Anjouan is Mutsamudu.

Comoros relies on an agriculture-based economy, which is one of the smallest globally. With low levels of education, limited exports, and high population growth, the country heavily depends on foreign contributions, making it appealing for attracting iGaming businesses.

Anjouan provides gambling licenses to global operators, and despite being previously underrated, it has garnered increased interest in recent times.

The Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board (ABGB), established by the Computer Gaming Licensing Act 007 of 2005, grants these licenses. Known for its affordability and straightforward application process, the Anjouan license covers all forms of gambling, allowing operators to offer various products, including online casino games, sports betting, poker, and B2B services.

In addition to its universal applicability worldwide, the Anjouan license stands out for not requiring operators to pay a GGR (Gross Gambling Revenue) tax. Valid for one year with an annual renewal requirement, the issuance of the license itself can be completed in as little as three weeks.

Considering these advantages, it's clear why the Anjouan license is gaining significant attention in the iGaming industry.

How to apply for Anjouan gambling license

The application process is simple, but it does require attention to detail. This is what is needed to obtain a gambling license in Anjouan:

  • A detailed business plan

  • Absence of criminal records for key person or compliance officer

  • Proof of domain ownership and a compliant website

  • Compliance with AML, responsible gaming, and underage gaming policies

  • Testing and certification for RNG of in-house developed games

  • Servers located in Anjouan

In line with regulatory requirements, applicants are subject to background checks and thorough due diligence processes. Adhering to the jurisdiction's regulations aimed at safeguarding players and ensuring transparent operations, individuals in key roles are obligated to provide the following documents:

  • Copy of a passport

  • Utility bill

  • Certificate of no criminal record

  • Resume

  • Letter (reference) from a bank

  • Original professional letter of reference from an accountant or lawyer (Relationship must be longer than 2 years)

  • Copies of agreements with providers and a third party RNG testing certificates

  • Proof of domain ownership

  • Copies of Terms & Conditions (describing the responsible gaming policies, underage gaming policy, and a KYC policy)

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