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Intriguing Facts on Online Gambling

Did you know around 26% of the world’s population loves gambling? Approximately 4.2 billion people gamble at least once each year worldwide. Many people see gambling as an easy way to escape boredom, issues or problems and have some excitement or stimulation.

The conventional land-based casinos are fantastic, but many people seem to gamble more on this online casino today more than ever. That is because of the online convenience online gambling gives its users.

Now that you can gamble from any place, here are some interesting facts you will find intriguing about online gambling.

Cryptocurrency is taking shape in the industry.

As many people put it, cryptocurrency is becoming a favourite means of payment to conduct online businesses that may not be “100% legal.” That is not a judgement but simply a fact. With that in mind, there are several reasons why the cryptocurrency is vital for online gamblers legally.

Gamblers prefer cryptocurrency since it gives them anonymity and eliminates the robust monitoring systems in the gambling and financial industry. Today, some of the big gambling platforms accept bitcoin alongside other cryptocurrencies. However, if you do not know much about cryptocurrencies, you don’t have to worry, as these online gambling sites will not force you to use them to make payments. You can use the other methods of payment.

Biggest win ever

Many huge winnings have happened over the time since online gambling came into play. Since 1994 when online gambling opened its doors, billions of dollars have made rounds between the sites and players. However, one win outshines all the other victories ever recorded in online gambling.

A Finnish poker player had luck with the Mega Fortune online slot. The game has a stake of just $0.25 for every spin. The player raked $24 million from the game, but of course, you would think they stopped playing. Poker players never quit, and yes, he went on playing even after winning such a fortune.

The First online casino was in 1994

It is still hard to comprehend how casinos have been around for over 25 years. Microgaming created the first online gambling platform precisely 100 years after slot machines entered the casino industry.

Not fully digital

What comes to your mind when you think of online gambling platforms? You probably think of algorithms and related graphics that determine the loss or win of a game. Technically that is the case in most websites. However, some sites will have real-life dealers who spin the roulette wheel or lay down the cards. Is that even necessary? Do not judge yet.

Online casinos have to show transparency in their dealings with customers. Most of these sites that want to show that openness are aware it is pretty hard to discount the results, especially when there is an actual human involved. If you have never tried this online gambling site, try them out and feel the thrill of being in a real casino.

No counting cards in online blackjack

Every player already knows about counting cards, even the amateur ones. That is because they probably read about it in a book or saw a movie about it. However, the fact is, very few learn how to do it themselves. Counting cards is not hard to understand. It is also not illegal, but of course, you will have to leave the casino when caught doing it.

If you want to learn card counting, do not learn it online as it is not possible. Online platforms use random card selection techniques that do not factor in card counting in any way.

Tip Online Dealers

If you are of legal gambling age in the UK and want to engage in an online casino, it is good to tip as you engage the casino. No casino accepts underage players. Some casinos give their users the tip option and expect players to tip at the end of the session. Many people may not see the need to tip a computer since this is not a real casino they are interacting with.

Remember, these websites do not charge you a coin to sign up, and some will even pay you to sign up. It is only fair that you return the favour. If you lose, you don’t have to worry about the tip, but it is good to tip some extra coins to the platform if you win.


Today’s internet is full of free money offers, and gifts and people tend to think free things are scams, and no one will offer you free money. Luckily, with online gambling sites, the case is different. Take advantage of the free bonuses and other offers to maximize your winnings.

Parting Shot

Online gambling is huge in the gaming industry and will only grow bigger. More and more players engage these platforms as technology penetrates deeper and deeper in the grassroots.

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