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Lucky Block to launch crypto jackpot prize draws

Lucky Block, a crypto games platform, is set to launch daily jackpot prize draws later this month, with the total prize pool currently valued at $2.2m.

The gaming platform, which employs heavyweight boxer Dillian Whyte as a Brand Ambassador, is offering tickets for the prize draw to all holders of its crypto tokens, officially designated as LBlock.

Token holders are able to purchase tickets at a cost of $5 each, although free entries are also offered to those who connect their crypto wallets to the app each day. The free entry keeps the product outside the jurisdiction of the Gambling Commission in the UK, as well as regulatory bodies in other territories.

Lucky Block CEO Scott Ryder commented: “We have a breakthrough crypto our team can be rightly proud of, as we set out to shake up how jackpot prize draws are run, putting the players and charities front and centre.

“Also, now with a free entry option, the jackpot draws will attract users to our wider gaming platform in droves. We look forward to the challenge of catering to these new crypto users and scaling up as we grow our other giveaway and play-to-earn games offerings.

“With a web app including fiat onboarding and a unique 'vote and claim' system, plus a free entry ticket for token holders, we think Lucky Block's first product has certainly been worth the wait.”

There are also other benefits for Lucky Block token holders, especially those who own Platinum Rollers Club NFTs. NFT owners will be able to enter a grand prize draw with a jackpot of $1m.

The draws are scheduled to commence towards the middle of May.


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