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Martina Åkerlund: Diligence in diversity

With pandemic restrictions easing, it's all systems go for the gaming industry; with operators and suppliers alike, especially as the world braces itself for the ever-expanding (and might one add, omnipresent) collaboration of “confident and competent” women in the industry.

Martina Åkerlund, CEO of Triggy AB, speaks with Isabella Aslam on her views around gender equality and individuality within the gaming business.

STEM: Seek to educate many

“I think it’s best when we combine men and women, just like I think it’s best when we combine different ages, expertise and ethnic backgrounds. We all have varied perspectives, experiences and other ways of solving things. So I think we are always best when we try to mix and integrate as much as possible.” With a strong belief that women should be treated in no way dissimilar to men, Åkerlund both values and welcomes diversity within the workplace.

Having more women involved in the gaming industry is something she aims to advocate with her visions for expanding a new US tech team, alongside the new technology team already operating in Stockholm. “In the near future, we would like to have more women in the company. Now that we are expanding in the US, we are hopefully looking at getting a woman on board there as well. We will continue expanding our tech team externally to have flexibility,” she added.

Some studies suggest that only 25% of all tech jobs are held by women. Figures show that during pre-school, 64% of girls choose to learn about technological studies, as opposed to 83% being boys. Moreover, only 30% of females choose to learn science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) subjects at university, in comparison to 54% of males. A shocking number of 3% of women choose a tech-based job as a career choice, in comparison to 15% of males.

Åkerlund continues: “From my perspective, it’s all about the individuals, the great individuals and talented people. Gender is not important to me. I would love to work with a team of women, just like I would love to work with a team of men.” As we live in a society where women institutes like Women Who Code and Global Gaming Women applaud women for working or integrating themselves in the tech or STEM industries, it’s refreshing to see, but as for now, it’s time to close the gender gap...Don’t you think? Source : /

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