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New YouGov study reveals barriers to online gambling

According to a new YouGov study, the main reason why people in Britain do not gamble online is because they feel the odds are stacked against them.

The study is part of an upcoming YouGov whitepaper, with the data based on a sample size of over 17,000 respondents. It aims to provide actionable insights for marketers in the sector.

A total of 27% of respondents believe that the odds are stacked against the player when it comes to online gambling, with 21% believing they are unlikely to win large amounts of money. Both of these reasons, according to YouGov, “question the value of products on offer, suggesting firms may be able to capture a larger audience by focusing on and better communicating winning potential.”

Similarly, 22% say they do not have the money to participate in such activities.

Following these reasons is 20% of non-gamblers saying it simply has not occurred to them to take up gambling, “again suggesting the right marketing message delivered through the right platform could nudge this significant group into becoming active.”

A total of 11% of British non-gamblers find gambling morally wrong, with 10% saying they are worried that they would spend too much. Following these reasons is a lack of trust in companies to protect card details, and a worry that gambling may lead to addiction, both at 9%.

Just 8% say gambling is against their beliefs, with 7% saying they don’t have the time to gamble, and 5% saying they don’t trust themselves. A total of 3% gamble offline, while just 1% of respondents cited technical difficulties as their reason for not gambling online.

YouGov added that 32% of respondents say there is no particular reason why they do not gamble, which shows that a “significant portion of non-gamblers are neutral about gambling at the moment – a group typically amongst the easiest to market to, given the right insights about their attitudes and behaviours.”

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