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RG Check: Melco Cyprus becomes first European operator to gain mandate

The operator of Cyprus Casinos (C2), Melco Cryprus, and the impending resort, City of Dreams Mediterranean, has announced it has been certified with its RG Check by third-party accreditation for responsible gaming.

The accreditation has been given to all four of C2’s venues; these include: Limassol, Nicosia, Ayia Napa and Paphos. This makes C2 the first casino in Europe to receive the endorsement, which establishes Melco Resorts as the primary and only integrated resort operator worldwide recognised by RG Check in all of its jurisdictions.

Lawrence Ho, Melco Chairman & CEO, said: “Melco is dedicated to being the industry’s leader in the promotion of Responsible Gaming. Providing a safe and fair gaming experience for guests continues to be at the core of the company’s commitment to society.

“The sustainable development and continued implementation of a Responsible Gaming culture is prioritised within every jurisdiction that we operate. We wish to thank the RG Check organisers for the honour, and our colleagues in Cyprus for making this achievement possible.”

Shelley White, CEO of Responsible Gambling Council (RGC), said: “RGC is thrilled that Melco has once again demonstrated its commitment to responsible gaming by achieving the RG Check accreditation in Cyprus for each of its four operating Cyprus Casinos properties.

“Throughout this process, Melco has demonstrated its transparency as an operator and has made the duty of care a priority in its operations. In particular, we commend Melco on a best-in-class score in the Standard Areas of RG Policy, Strategy and Culture.

"This recognises Melco’s strong responsible gaming leadership and its comprehensive and integrated approach to building a responsible gaming culture that demonstrates awareness of the potential harms caused by gambling, as well as prevention and mitigation measures."

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