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SCCG partners with Better Change to decrease gambling harm in the US

SCCG Management has teamed up with Better Change, a Gibraltar-based organisation that uses training, content creation and other services to help gaming operators implement or strengthen their tools to help keep gaming fun, all the while reducing the harm that at-risk players can face.

Better Change focuses on intervention strategies for gamblers and leverages the operator’s internal infrastructure to create external messaging for players and regulators.

SCCG is interested in investing and developing worldwide brands and representation before governmental agencies for complex regulatory matters, intellectual property and business development within land-based casinos, online gambling, gaming, esports and other entertainment markets.

Stephen Crystal, SCCG Founder and CEO, said: “The regulated gaming industry has always been at the forefront of the implementation of tools and programs to improve education and awareness, reduce risk, and provide support where problem gaming exists.

"Operators understand that this mission is essential to the long-term health of the industry we have spent decades building. We believe that companies like Better Change are a natural part of the evolution and improvement of our approaches to problem gambling and mitigating social risk.”

Victoria Reed, Better Change Founder, commented: “Player protection is fast becoming the heart of the gaming industry and everyone at Better Change has seen first-hand the devastation that is caused by gambling addiction. Despite that, we certainly aren’t anti-gambling. We’re proud to be partnering with SCCG management to combine their unrivalled experience in North America with our innovative and commercially minded solutions to player protection and general regulatory affairs in the US. Together, we can prevent gambling harm.”


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