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Spelinspektionen to probe marketing and product limits as deposit cap ends

Sweden’s government has published further details of the inquiry that gambling regulator Spelinspektionen will conduct into future protection measures in the country, ahead of temporary novel coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions being relaxed.

The temporary Covid-19 restrictions first took effect in June 2020 and included an SEK5,000 (£428/€501/$575) deposit cap on online casino, along with an SEK100 limit on bonuses. The measures had been due to last until the end of 2020 but were extended to June 2021 and again until November as the pandemic continued. However, the government last month confirmed the restrictions would be withdrawn from 14 November. Upon announcing the end to these measures, the government instructed Spelinspektionen to carry out an in-depth evaluation of the temporary rules and the impact they had on the country’s regulated market. This review, it has now been revealed, will include how marketing, the range of games on offer, forms of gaming and the availability of gambling developed as the country tackled the Covid-19 crisis. The regulator will monitor and analyse how the consumption of gambling and behaviour develops, with a specific focus on gaming problems. Spelinspektionen will also propose new rules within the framework of the existing licensing system to strengthen consumer protection in the Swedish market to help counteract public health problems related to gambling. The government has set an initial deadline of 15 March next year for the first part of the assignment, with the regulator required to submit a partial report by this date. The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate must submit a partial report of the first part of the assignment to the Government Offices (Ministry of Finance) no later than 15 March 2022. Spelinspektionen will then conduct further analysis and produce a full-length report and submit this to the government no later than 31 October, 2023.

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