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Sportingtech: Spain is the gateway to Latin America

Sportingtech is set to have a strong presence at the upcoming SBC Summit Barcelona 2022, where the company will be showcasing its award-winning Quantum platform and discussing recent high-profile operator deals.

Ahead of the event, we spoke to Sales Director Jack Smith about what he expects from the event, and how Spain’s status as a bridge to LatAm markets will assist Sportingtech’s continued expansion efforts

SBC: Heading to SBC Summit Barcelona, what can we expect to see from Sportingtech and what are you prioritising?

Jack Smith: We’re thrilled to be heading to Barcelona to meet with delegates and demonstrate our vision for Sportingtech over the coming months and years. The strength of our Quantum platform very much ties into the current trend in the sports betting industry: personalisation.

For operators, differentiation is key in order to compete within a saturated marketplace, as well as enter newly-regulated markets with an immediate impact. Our Quantum platform has modularity at its core, meaning operators have the power to control and personalise their own offering.

The growth of esports is also something we will be prioritising, especially as its popularity continues to grow in LatAm, an area close to the hearts of both Sportingtech and SBC Summit Barcelona.

SBC: With an aim to ramp up excitement for World Cup 2022, what initiatives do you have in place in anticipation of this year’s biggest sporting event?

JS: With not only the World Cup but the domestic leagues to contend with during the final quarter of the year, Sportingtech’s top tier sportsbook features are well-placed to handle the massive demand for intuitive betting experiences.

Features like Bet Assist are ideal for tackling these new challenges, as they make traversing platforms more straightforward for players. By generating automated betting tips based on historical data, live-score and AI analysis, covering both pre-match and in-play markets across seven sports and with complete bet slip integration, user engagement is increased, as well as retention and turnover rates. In addition, FastBet, the only feature of its kind on the market, can enable users to wager multiple single bets across all sports at the touch of a button without creating a betslip.

New, exciting tools like these are highly effective at retaining existing audiences but also attracting new ones to the world of sports betting.

SBC: Tell us a bit more about these initiatives; how are they going to foster growth at this exciting stage in Sportingtech’s development?

JS: The build-up to the World Cup will make the need for a robust, scalable platform very clear, and Sportingtech’s current trajectory is such that it will take advantage of this opportunity to create further growth.

The unusual timing of World Cup 2022 means operators will find themselves in untested waters, with barely any downtime between the month-long tournament and the resumption of key domestic leagues across Europe – our job as a platform provider is to provide peace of mind, equipping our clients with the tools for them to be successful.

In doing so, we will clearly demonstrate how adaptable our offering is. The addition of our Popular Bets and Popular Events widgets is further proof of our level of growth. Our operator customers are able to offer a localised, intuitive way to immediately boost engagement, allowing them to display a particular market’s current top-10 bets and events, automatically refreshing every five minutes. With minimum effort on the operators’ part, they can be confident that their players are constantly being shown the most popular bets and events at any one time, and it is this capability that sets us apart.

SBC: Sportingtech’s presence in LatAm markets is considerable. How will your attendance at SBC Summit Barcelona help to encourage further growth in this exciting region?

JS: As an important gateway to LatAm, Spain is of special importance to Sportingtech – our footprint in LatAm markets is already significant, but further growth there is one of our key objectives for the near future.

One of the key areas we are focusing on is localisation – targeting the vast collection of varying jurisdictions that make up LatAm, all with differing cultures and preferences, which requires in-depth knowledge of localisation, and by extension player profiling.

We are also keen to discuss our expertise in omnichannel experiences. LatAm markets are proven to have some of the most passionate bettors in the world when it comes to sports, and having witnessed first-hand the surge of sportsbooks and casinos embracing the online market following changes in regulation, our detailed understanding of the omnichannel experience is vital in our efforts to cater to them.

SBC: In regard to your roadmap for future development, how is Sportingtech planning to capitalise on recent operator deals?

JS: Sportingtech’s commanding position in Africa is well documented, with our recently announced major partnership to provide 888AFRICA with our Quantum platform across a number of African countries clear evidence of this.

The success of our recent operator deals in multiple territories in LatAm and Africa, which are both thriving markets for us, gives us the confidence to make further progress and secure similar deals going forward.

Through our modular offering that is backed by local teams providing excellent customer support on the ground, we’re able to build a tailored product for each market, and we will continue this expansion, partnering with more operators and delivering them a platform that is both reliable and a strong driver of revenues.


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