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Sportradar launches in-play virtual cricket

Sportradar has launched its virtual cricket in-play solution, a virtual betting product that aims to create a real-match cricket experience.

The solution is based on the T20 cricket game format and features a 3D animation engine.

It features 20 overs per team, along with super overs.

The solution is made up of data points from real cricket matches collated by cricket experts and data engineers from Sportradar.

This is the most recent of Sportradar’s cricket offerings, which utilises proprietary data collection tool Cricket Live Score Plus and data and audio-visual content from the International Cricket Council.

“The exponential growth of cricket worldwide has created unprecedented demand for associated content,” said Frank Wenzig, managing director, gaming at Sportradar.

“As cricket fans, and fans of sport more broadly, engage more deeply with data driven content, we are deploying the full extent our technological capabilities to deliver a unique fan experience that empowers our clients to engage around the clock with cricket lovers.”


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