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SportsGrid to launch dedicated sports betting broadcast NewsWire

SportsGrid is set to launch an additional feature to its 24-hour sports streaming service, with NewsWire specifically targeting the sports wagering audience.

The sports streaming service, which already hosts a network of content around the clock, is set to launch a 60-minute broadcast comprising sports betting headlines, odds and insight, hosted by Craig Mish.

NewsWire is set to debut on 12 April, between 2-3pm ET.

One of the topics the show is set to discuss is sports betting legislation, something which is particularly relevant given the number of states and territories either legalising, or discussing the legalisation of, sports betting in their region.

SportsGrid GM of Audience & Syndication Jason Sukhraj commented: “NewsWire is based on two tenets: perspective and authority. Both tenets are supported by the strategic content alliance between SportsGrid, The Sporting News and Legal Sports Report delivering the relevant daily news with insightful and authentic analysis to the sports betting audience across the nation.”

The broadcast will also have access to editorial insight from The Sporting News and Legal Sports Report, two of SportsGrid’s partner networks.

The Sporting News Global Editor-in-Chief Benson Taylor said: “The Sporting News is thrilled to partner with SportsGrid on the launch of the NewsWire. The Sporting News has a strong heritage of going beyond the score to deliver insight, analysis and context on the biggest stories in sports.

“We're excited for the opportunity for our award-winning journalists to offer their perspective to the NewsWire audience, and to be a part of SportsGrid's broad multimedia platforms.”

Legal Sports Report Publisher Dustin Gouker said: “The Legal Sports Report team is excited to collaborate with SportsGrid on a program focused on the business of sports betting in North America.

“LSR's journalists will provide viewers with valuable insight into the ins and outs of the sports gambling industry as it expands across the US and Canada.”


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