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Swedish government licensing duties

Sweden's Minister of Social Security, Ardalan Shekarabi, has seen a series of new safer gaming and consumer protection initiatives supported by the Swedish government.

Addressing the media, Shekarabi remarked that “the gambling market is where many Swedish consumers are vulnerable and therefore the government is right to take back control”.

The minister recommended “new controls to limit aggressive advertising”  as well as new licensing protections to protect the “gambling market from unlicensed companies”.

Shekarabi, backed by the Ministry of Finance, has recommended that third-party games and software companies supplying Swedish licensed operators be subject to obligatory licensing.

The Minister's draft recommendations maintained an emphasis on gambling advertising, about which he previously indicated that the Swedish market required a “drastic reduction in volume”

He urged a “ban on the promotion of illegal gambling and an extended ban on the promotion of unlicensed gambling in order to increase the possibilities of preventing illegal gambling activities”.

Further advertising changes saw Shekarabi accept “the requirement for the moderation of casino games” with Swedish gambling's riskiest product category assessed to require more safeguards to protect younger audiences and the vulnerable.

Finally, Shekarabi added that licensed operators must be required to reveal all information on their commercial activities as a condition of their license in order to assist the gambling inspectorate and other government agencies in tracking market changes.

Shekarabi's ideas have been endorsed by the government and sent to Sweden's Law Council, which will conduct a legislative review, with the proposed modifications anticipated to take effect on 1 January 2023.

In 2022, Swedish lawmakers will vote on numerous proposals aiming at revamping the country's gaming system. The 'Gambling Sector Inquiry' was tasked with examining Sweden's gaming market following its reform in 2019 to allow for legal online gambling.


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