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The future of the Asian iGaming market - live casino

As the gaming business migrates online, a sizable chunk of Asia's enormous population of gamblers follows suit. While online slots and lotteries are popular worldwide, one product stands out in the eyes of Asian gamblers: live dealer games.

Slotegrator, a gambling software developer with ten years of expertise in the sector, devoted special attention to the Asian market's potential and developed a line of solutions specifically for its demands. The developer increased the quality and appeal of Asian-themed slots by collaboration with prominent producers of gaming material. Slotegrator ensures that the games displayed on the operators' websites are played by local dealers and that the content is the most popular in the East.

How it operates

Players may experience what it's like to be in a genuine land-based casino when they play live casino games. The program is done from a studio that simulates the opulent halls of land-based casinos. They are furnished with tables and cutting-edge equipment that produces incredible sound and image clarity. Throughout the studio, wide-angle HD cameras are carefully placed, with some shooting at maximum magnification. This enables players to keep a close eye on what is occurring at the table and around the room.

As live dealers, professional croupiers or professionally qualified television presenters manage the game and interact with players in a polite manner. As a consequence, the player enjoys a high-quality broadcast, an authentic casino environment, and an entertaining game. At any time and from any location, anybody may join the table or play discreetly.

Live dealer games provide players with a heightened sense of security. One recent illustration of its benefits is how, during the epidemic, live casino clients could play and interact online without jeopardizing their health, offering a much-needed social outlet.

In recent years, skilled players in Asia have gravitated for online casinos featuring live dealers. Dealer assistance offers players with an emotional sense of security. They assist and answer queries from consumers over the screen, exactly like they would in a real game. This connection instills a sense of legitimacy and control, therefore enhancing trust.

What are the most popular live games in Asia?

Asia was one among the first markets to adopt live dealer games. Initially, Asian players lacked faith in the random number generator (RNG) technology that determined the outcome of slot games and desired something more visible. Live games have developed into an excellent substitute – a random number generator cannot compare to a real person dealing the cards. Live Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, and Super Sic Bo are the most popular games in Asia. They are operated by dealers dressed in Asian attire, in a milieu influenced by Asian culture.

Dragon Tiger is a simple and dynamic creature from Cambodia. Two cards are dealt in accordance with the game's rules: a dragon and a tiger. The highest card determines the winner. The player has the option of betting on the dragon, the tiger, or a draw. He also has the option of placing further wagers.

Baccarat is often regarded as one of the easiest live games to learn and is frequently favoured by users accustomed to placing large wagers. The speed of this online live dealer game is identical to that of a land-based casino.

Super Sic Bo is a well-known dice game from ancient China. Today, Sic Bo is played with three dice. The game's regulations provide users with several betting choices and, consequently, a diverse variety of payouts.

Why do Asian operators choose live gaming?

With almost any game accessible on the iGaming content market today, it's challenging for an operator to decide which game to feature on their platform. Nonetheless, there are an increasing number of reasons in favor of live dealer games:

  1. According to a survey conducted by GSMA Intelligence, 72% of the world's population would interact online by 2030. Online gambling, like the rest of our life, will continue to evolve.

  2. Live dealer games expand operators' reach, attracting both older players accustomed to the conventional casino experience and newer players who already spend the majority of their time online.

  3. The makers of live dealer games are among the most imaginative in the industry, continually coming up with newer and more creative adaptations of traditional games to ensure that players always have something new to try.

After opting to build an online platform, operators should evaluate the possibilities of providing it with adaptable payment systems, the mechanics of adding casino material, and much more. Due to Slotegrator's extensive expertise, its professionals are able to assist start-up entrepreneurs on all aspects of creating an online casino platform, as well as make advice to seasoned Asian gamers.


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