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Tipico reports efficacy of “panic button” feature

Malta-based German market-leading sports betting and igaming operator Tipico has reported the efficacy of its short-term 24-hour self-exclusion “panic button” tool, highlighting the feature’s strong influence in reducing problem gambling activity.

The “panic button” was the result of a regulatory requirement to implement a lightweight and simple self-exclusion feature. In contrast with more traditional versions, the tool is designed to be omnipresent and effective with one click.

“Although exclusions are considered an effective method to protect vulnerable customers, there is often a high threshold. Vulnerable customers use them as a last resort, typically after a certain degree of harm has already occurred,” the report stated.

“In some cases, this can be mitigated by exclusions imposed by the operator, but these depend on whether problem behaviour can be detected early enough with sufficient certainty.”

Tipico continued, pointing to its common usage among its users as a sign of the tool’s acceptance.

“Always on screen, it gives customers a one-click option to get excluded in national self-exclusion scheme OASIS for 24 hours. That way, the customer can ward off a potential loss of control or gain the necessary time to think about an indefinite self-exclusion. With about 10,000 customers using it every month, it is well-accepted.”

The data showed a reduction in turnover from €277 of stakes per week average for users at the time of using the tool, to just a €124 stake per week average turnover, a 55% decrease, which indicates a moderation of gambling activity.

“This initial evidence points towards the Panic Button being well-accepted, non-invasive and effective. However, more research will be required to investigate betting motives and the choice of bets in the phase after the panic button break.”


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