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Top Sport was penalised again in Lithuania for admitting foreign players

The Gambling Supervisory Authority of Lithuania has given another fine to operator Top Sport after determining that it violated regulations by allowing a foreign player to wager remotely on its website.

The Authority stated that the customer in question was permitted to gamble on the Top Sport website for the first time on May 11 of this year.

This, the regulator said, violated Article 205, Part 3, Article 201, Part 1 of the Lithuanian Gambling Law, which prohibits allowing players to connect to and wager on a licenced website from outside the nation.

As a consequence, the Authority fined Top Sport €15,000 (£12,934/$14,885).

The authority also warned Top Sport that its licence could be revoked if the appropriate modifications are not made to address the violation. The operator has until November 11 to comply with this stipulation.

As with all of its regulatory determinations, the Authority stressed that the decision is not final and is susceptible to appeal.

Top Sport was also fined €15,000 by the Authority in September for failing to properly install a digital video recording system in two of its retail betting locations.

Top Sport was fined €25,000 in May for violating the country's extensive ban on gambling advertising. In this instance, the regulator discovered that the company had placed a number of claims on its website that were judged to be gambling inducements.


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