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UK Government asked to raise charity lottery annual sales limit to £100m

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The UK Government has been urged to raise the charity lottery sales limit to £100m ($133.5m) per year.

Labour MP for Edinburgh South Ian Murray has asked the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport if there are plans to double the charity lottery sales limit from £50m to £100m, with Charities Minister Nigel Huddleston responding by saying that a review of charity lottery reforms is currently underway.

“The government increased the annual sales limit for society lotteries from £10m to £50m in July 2020, as part of a package of reforms designed to enable both the National Lottery and society lotteries to thrive, and consequently to grow overall returns to good causes,” said Huddleston, Conservative MP for Mid Worcestershire.

“We have committed to reviewing these reforms, and that is now underway.

“We want to understand the impact of these changes, before we consider looking again at the case for a £100m lottery licence and any additional conditions that may accompany that.”

Tony Vick, Chair of the Lotteries Council, said the changes that have already been made have been hugely effective, but has urged ministers to continue the progress.

“A little over a year following their introduction, these changes have proven hugely positive, freeing up more funding for supported charities, while lowering costs and cutting bureaucracy for operators – just as the government intended," said Vick.

“We urge ministers to continue progress on charity lottery reform, particularly given that a £100m annual sales limit remains favoured by the sector and was the government’s own ‘preferred option’ following extensive consultation on the matter.”


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