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What MPs think of gambling to be revealed at Reputation Matters even

The results of a survey of over 100 Members of Parliament will be discussed at event looking into the future of the UK gambling sector.

The findings from a survey of what over 100 MPs think about the UK gambling sector, conducted by YouGov, will be revealed at the Reputation Matters event taking place on Tuesday 2 November.

The questions being put to the representative sample of MPs address such issues as whether they feel the industry is adequately regulated and whether they think some companies act more responsibly than others.

The survey comes as a crucial time for the UK gambling sector. A white paper is due soon that will address what the government intends to include as part of its review of the Gambling Act.

The questions also address the issue of gambling advertising. According to the latest reports, the government is thought to be considering the introduction of further restrictions on gambling advertising including outright bans on certain types of activity.

“With so much riding on the review of the Gambling Act, it is important for the industry to understand what MPs as a whole are currently thinking about the sector, hence the interest in this data,” said Oliver Rowe, global sector head for leisure and entertainment and director for reputation and business research at YouGov. “At the event, we will also be looking at the views of the general public to see if they align with MPs.”

Rowe will be taking part in a panel on the day entitled ‘Now and forever: surviving the Gambling Act review’ which will discuss what the experts believe is upcoming from the government.

Joining Rowe on the panel will be Ian Ince, chief compliance officer at Playtech; Camilla Wright, partner at Red Knot Communications; Hayley Jane Smith, head of safer gambling standards at GamCare; and Adam Brickell, director of public affairs for the UK & Ireland at Flutter Entertainment. The panel will be moderated by Dan Waugh, partner at Regulus Partners.

The keynote for the day will be provided by John O’Reilly, chief executive at Rank Group.

Said Scott Longley from event organiser Clear Concise Media: “It will be fascinating to find out where the industry stands when it comes to the attitudes of MPs. The sector has its vocal critics in Parliament as well as its defenders but the questions YouGov have asked attempt to get behind the propaganda and focus on the views around specific policy instruments.”

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