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Why You Should Choose the Right Sportsbook Before Betting

The number of sportsbooks on the scene (online or onsite) are just as many as the number of groceries store across the street. This has its advantages and the main one comes in the form of competition between key players which will in turn favor the bettors. However, this could also create a veil for the newbie bettor on which sportsbook is better. Our betting articles offer the best bookmaker ratings in town.

Averagely, almost all the popular sportsbooks offer similar promotions, bonuses and same odds. Though, they are some that you should never stake with, many are very legit and trustworthy. This article attempts to show you the features you should expect from a reliable sportsbook and possible red flags of an unreliable one.

How to Choose a good Sportsbook

Firstly, it is important to note that different strokes work for different folks. Choosing a good sportsbook majorly depends on what you seek and the type of games you like to play. However, most bettors when choosing a bookie look out for reliability, easy user interface, professionalism and 24/7 customer care. Here are some of the details to look out for before choosing your sportsbook.

Customer Care Service: This is a very good feature to look out for before choosing a bookie. In your use of a bookie, there is a high probability that you might need some more information about a feature or maybe to lay a complaint. A 24/7 bookie will always come in handy here.

Attractive Welcome Bonuses: A good sportsbook will offer you juicy welcome bonuses. The first feature a bettor is introduced to in a sportsbook is the welcome bonus. Hence, a large majority of sportsbook ensure that this is topnotch and good enough. Some sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses in cash for bets while others offer large bonuses upon deposit.

Easy to use interface: Modern betting is almost 100% online. This means that every sportsbook around now has a website and mobile apps. This comes with numerous advantages but also with a few disadvantages such as lagging and system crash or failure. In advent of this, a good bookie should have a backup plan.

Fast Payouts: A good sportsbook will not delay payouts. This is probably the biggest turn on or off for most bettors. Delay in payouts is synonymous to attempt of fraud, and if there is no communiqué to this effect, it could be a case of fraud.

Review of some Top Sportsbooks that not everybody knows

With all what has been discussed so far, it is safe to say that there is no perfect sportsbook. However, there are some popular ones that have set the bar when it comes to sports betting. Most reviews you will see online have only flowering words for them. Even with the quality they provide, there are one or two chinks in their armor. Let us review some top sportsbooks online. 1xbet is one of the largest sportsbooks in the world. Their reach is also remarkable as they are in each continent of the world.


  • Very easy to use user interface and experience

  • Wholesome welcome bonuses

  • 1xbet have a large number of markets, one of the largest amongst its counterparts.

  • A vast number of promotions.

  • This sportsbook has a good authority.


  • Lack of intuitivism on the website

  • Unstable bonuses and promos.

888bet: This is one of the biggest and oldest betting companies in the world. 888bet are one of the pioneers of sports betting online and onsite. They have a large loyal bettor base and the services they offer has maintained that structure. Here are some of their pros and cons.


  • They have a vast number of deposit options. It is not restricted to the basic methods such as PayPal, bank transfer and debit cards.

  • Very friendly user interface for both the app and website.

  • Highly interactive customer service.

  • Great authority in the betting scene.


  • Poor in play betting.

  • Lack of improvements over the years.

  • Mediocre live streams and regular hitches. This sportsbook was designed to offer the best of betting experience. It is one of the fastest-growing sportsbooks around. Here is a quick review of their features.


  • The interface is very easy to navigate.

  • It has a very good number of available sports for you to bet on.

  • There is an option for live betting.

  • It offers multiple languages for its international community.

  • It is easy to access their customer care, as there are almost always readily available.


  • Not enough foreign currencies.

  • User experience not good enough.

  • Not enough information on the available betting odds types.

Mybet: This is a great platform that offers so much to its new and existing bettors. Here is a review of its features.


  • Very simple platform

  • Great user experience

  • It has a European license.

  • Offers great rewards for its users.


  • It doesn’t offer polo racing

  • Lack of live streaming option.


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