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Winners and Spartan Casino to implement blockchain-based ecosystem in online gambling

Winners, a subsidiary of VegasWinners, provider of content, analysis, research and guidance, has announced an agreement with blockchain-based online casino and sportsbook, Titan Corp, Spartan Casino.

Spartan Casino has plans for a new casino model that intends to implement a blockchain-based ecosystem within the online gambling industry. This will allow for the incorporation of its own style of smart contracts and customised live dealer games to meet online gambling requirements.

Its ultimate goal in this joint venture is to decentralise the current system, removing risk and creating a transparent, more trustworthy method of play for everyone involved.

Wayne Allyn Root, CEO of VegasWinners will take on the role of Spokesperson and Brand Ambassador of Spartan Casino and Spartan Casino’s online gaming products. He will also act as a member of the Spartan Casino’s Advisory Board. Allyn-Root commented: "We are very excited to announce this joint venture with Spartan Casino. Our Company VegasWinners is in the business of predicting the winners of sporting events within the USA, for an audience of US sports bettors. This deal with Spartan Casino has the potential to expand our reach to a global audience of bettors outside the USA."

Kavita S. Naithaani, Titan Corp CEO, said: "We are very excited to onboard Wayne Allyn Root as our Brand Ambassador. We are confident that his knowledge and experience in the gaming industry and his versatile background will take this Partnership to a new level. Welcome, Wayne."

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