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YouGov study reveals gender differences in online gambling activity

A plurality of British women gamble online because “it is a fun thing to do,” according to a new study from YouGov.

Latest data from the body found that 40% of women in Great Britain gamble for this reason, with 28% gambling online so “they can fantasise about winning.” This is followed by “playing to win big” and “to enhance the experience” of the activity that is being bet on at 17% and 7% respectively.

Taking part in online gambling because “it is something to talk about with friends” or because “it is part of a routine” both came in at 6% in the survey. Other minor reasons include “fear of missing out” (4%), and “it is a reliable way to make money” and “to demonstrate skill” (both 1%).

The study found that there is a considerable gender divide among online gambling, with 33% of men placing a bet online in the last 12 months, compared to 24% of women.

The data also confirmed “some widely held gender stereotypes,” with women more likely than men to buy lottery tickets (72% vs. 58%), or play bingo or keno online (6% vs. 2%).

But when it comes to other activities, male online gamblers are much more active; sports betting (45% men vs. 23% women), poker (7% vs. 1%), and fantasy sports (4% vs. virtually no women).

British women meanwhile feel more strongly about the prohibition of online gambling, with 45% believing it should not be allowed, compared to 39% of men.

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