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Secure your gaming license with ease in top jurisdictions including Cyprus, Greece, Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, and the Isle of Man through


Our expert legal team, in partnership with industry leaders across these regions, offers comprehensive assistance in compiling the necessary documentation and navigating the application process for your gaming license.



for a streamlined and expedited licensing experience, tailored to your preferred jurisdiction.


Cyprus Remote Gaming License

Cyprus Betting was originally authorised under The Betting Law of 2012 (L.106(I)/2012) (this Law has been repealed) and now under The Betting Law of 2019 (L.37(I)/2019)

It is evident that Cyprus regulations are evolving to accommodate the ever-growing market of gaming by being completely transparent, reliable, compliant and promoting social responsibility and responsible gaming whilst not undermining the necessity of business and innovation.

Types of Licenses

“The Betting Law” establishes two distinct types of licenses:

Class A – This license is issued to entities that wish to promote land-based betting. Under the license, land-based sports betting-bookmaker shops with physical premises are regulated., with the exception of horse racing and other services controlled by a class B license.

Class B - This license is issued to entities that wish to promote online betting activities excluding slot machines, online casino games and electronic horse-racing betting..

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Process of Licensing 

Each business seeking an A or B license must fulfill the following requirements:


  • Cyprus stocks availability;

  • Foreign registration;

  • Presence of a division of a foreign company in Cyprus with primary activity in betting. Partnership with a local company is also permissible.

  • Issued and paid up capital is at least €500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Euro);

  • Application will need to be accompanies by a bank guarantee from a credit institution for the sum of €550,000.00 (Five Hundred Fifty Thousand Euro) with a validity that extends to 6 months after the expiration date of the bookmaker’s license requested in the application form;

  • Sufficient resources for players payments;

  • Acceptable accounting system for the chosen service;

  • Compliance with the “Betting law of 2019” in part of players protection.

Fees for Licensing & Taxation 

The applicant may obtain a license for a period of one or two years. Renewals are possible upon expiry. The National Betting Agency has the power to cancel a license at any moment if the license holder violates existing legislation (Article 24).

The license is only issued when the money is paid, which varies according to the term of the license:


30,000 euros for a one-year license;

EUR 45,000 over a two-year period.

Class B licenses must be purchased using a debit card, credit card, or other electronic payment method. It is prohibited to pay in cash..

 Gambling Taxation 

Based on the provisions of the law as amended and repealed from time to time each Class A or Class B bookmaker is liable to a combined rate of 13% tax which consist of 10% of net revenue and 3% contribution to the Authority which 2% is allocated to the Cyprus Sport Federations and 1% to gambling addiction programmes.


The Curacao e-gaming license is one of the most widely used e-gaming licenses in the world. Due to its popularity, there are around 450 licensed and operational online gaming firms within the jurisdiction. Curacao enacted some of the world's first rules governing the internet gaming business in 1993. Currently Curacao enjoys its title as one of the leading remote gaming centres in the world

Benefits of Curacao license:

  • 0% gaming tax;

  • 2% corporation tax for e-Zone companies;

  • Co-location facilities.

  • International private IP compliance network;

  • No restriction on dividend withdrawals;

  • No Sales Tax;

  • No VAT;

  • One type of license;

Types of Curacao - Gambling Licenses

An attractive fact of Curacao as a licensing jurisdiction is that it offers one licensing encompassing all B2C and B2B operations.

B2C Operations:

  • Casinos

  • Poker rooms

  • Sports Betting

  • Lotteries

  • Bingo

  • Other

B2B Operations:

  • Sale & Distribution of API

 E-Zone  Net Profits Tax

One of the most advantageous reasons for choosing Curacao as your licensing jurisdiction is to obtain an E-zone permit, which allows the company to benefit from a special tax regime in which the Curaçao company pays only 2% of its net income. The unique tax exemption is in effect until December 31, 2025. An E-zone permit can only be held by a Curaçao company.

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isle of man 

The Isle of Man is a self-governing jurisdiction in the Irish Sea that is technically under British authority. Despite being under the control of the United Kingdom, it has its own gambling licensing legislation since 2001. In reality, the Isle of Man was one of the first jurisdictions to offer advantageous gambling taxes.

The holder of a Isle of Man license may conduct the following activities:

  • Online Casino

  • Sports Betting

  • eSports

  • Online Poker

  • Online Lotto

  • Online Bingo

  • Live Betting

  • Live Table Games

  • Fantasy Games 

  • And all sorts of games of chance

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Bulgarian online gambling is regulated by the Bulgarian Gambling Act 2012 (GA) and its related regulations. Remote gambling was first legalized in 2014, and it has only undergone minor revisions since then. The Gambling Act defines “online gambling” as any game of chance in which players bet directly using the internet or other electronic means of communication. The following games are included:

  • Lottery Games (including traditional lottery, digital lottery games, toto, loto, bingo, keno, and their variations);

  • Sports betting (including betting on horses and dog races);

  • Betting on other random events;

  • Betting related to the knowledge of facts (Skill games);

  • Casino games (including roulette, poker, and other card games).

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united kingdom 

The United Kingdom is one of the few European countries that allows casinos and other gambling enterprises and institutions.

The United Kingdom's gaming legislation fosters and rewards entrepreneurs. Non-residents are excluded from most financial expenditures, expenses, and commissions, and local businessmen pay tax fees at low interest rates.


The remote operating licenses for each type of gambling activity include:

  • Betting

  • Bingo

  • Casino Games

  • Gaming Machines

  • Gambling Software

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Gibraltar is a self-governing British Crown Dependency. Although the United Kingdom is in charge of the region's international affairs, Gibraltar preserves independence in most legislative matters, including taxation.

Gibraltar has developed a solid reputation for hosting online gaming enterprises, thanks to its ideal combination of low taxes, no VAT, and a large workforce.

The benefits include:

  • The main advantages of obtaining a gambling license in Gibraltar include the following:

  • Low taxation (for large players);

  • Prestige and high reputation of jurisdiction;

  • The possibility of obtaining a legal Merchant Account;

  • Government guarantees for licensees.


Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is one of the most favorable jurisdictions for obtaining a license for the activities of online casinos, lottery, and other online games.



The gambling business started in Estonia in the late 90s and was originally regulated by the Lottery Act and the Gambling Act from 1995.


We can help you
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Having a gambling license is the guarantee of the legitimacy and stability of the online gambling & betting business. Obtaining a gambling license will help you gain the trust of your players, partner with leading game providers and successfully develop your business.


First we will reach out to you and discuss your preferred markets and their requirements.


We will sign a contract and create a step-by-step action plan for obtaining a gaming license on your behalf.


We take responsibility for collecting all the necessary documentation and certificates on your behalf.


Once the license is obtained, you can start engaging in gambling activities according the regulations of your license.

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