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Global Esports Federation Convenes Knowledge Leaders to Shape the Metaverse Council

The Board of the Global Esports Federation has established the GEF Metaverse Council, aimed at convening thought leaders and creators around the Web3 space. In addition, the Metaverse Council will focus on shaping tangible metaverse development initiatives for our global community, blockchain technologies, NFTs and more.

“We’ve established the GEF Metaverse Council to cultivate ideas, voice, and shape to our metaverse reality; and to access the limitless opportunities for our entire #worldconnected community,” Paul J. Foster, CEO of the GEF, said.

The Metaverse Council will be Chaired by Hugo Philion, CEO and Founder of Flare – GEF’s Global Partner for Blockchain Ecosystems. Melvin Kuek, Senior Advisor of the GEF, has been appointed Vice-Chair.

The GEF Metaverse Council is powered by a collective hive mind comprising global subject specialists including crypto and NFT project developers, creative directors, domain experts, and social influencers within the space.

Some of the members of the newly established council are Oxskellymode, NFT influencer and co-founder of Enigma Ventures; Sabertooth, director of Tiger Vision Global Pty Ltd and founder of NFT project Attack Tigers!; Melty Tanti, founder and creative director of Play & Earn (P&E) metaverse project Jambo Mambo; and MingWeiRocks, one of Asia’s top TikTok creators with over 22 million followers.


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